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OR Integration and Media Management Systems

Through touch panel HD video control system and real-time video conferencing technology, RBH will be able to connect surgeons to medical professionals around the world, redefining medical training and education in the surgical theater.

The iSuite provides a specialised working environment for the demands of the Orthopaedic/Neuro/Gastric surgeon as well as for Gastroenterologist. The entire clinical team will benefit from instant access to all digital modalities as well as the efficiencies created by the touch panel and voice control over the minimally invasive equipment such as the camera, light source, shaver, and pump.

The OrthoSuite can be easily transitioned between minimally invasive and total joint procedures providing beneficial control and connectivity, as well as improved efficiencies and ergonomics in all procedures. The OR team will enjoy the benefits of image guided technology, real-time documentation of procedures or consultation between rooms, to the clinic and even the rest of the world.

The EndoSuite provides outstanding flexibility and allows the room to be quickly and easily transitioned to accommodate open procedures as well as minimally invasive procedures. The EndoSuite is extremely versatile allowing General Surgery, Urology and more to all share one integrated room. The design integrates medical video equipment with a ceiling mounted suspension system providing increased efficiencies and ergonomics. The EndoSuite is the most advanced operating room, providing both touch panel and voice control over operating theatre equipment, allowing the theatre nurses to concentrate on the patient and surgeon requirements. The system's functions and images are displayed onto multi-function flat panel monitors, which are also capable of showing CT, Fluoroscopic or Ultrasound and other video images. Telecommunications has also been incorporated to allow conferencing with other areas of the hospital or with patients and consultants around the world.