Rayat Bahra Hospital
Dedication. Compassion. Innovation

Redefining Healthcare

Rayat Bahra Hospital is governed under the guiding principles of providing medical services par excellence to patients with care, compassion, commitment. The vision of the management is to provide all services under one roof at an affordable cost…. "A hospital designed and built for the masses".

Spread over 10.5acres, RBH will commence its journey with 110 beds in the first phase. The hospital will be gradually upgraded to its fully sanctioned capacity of 750beds incorporating all fields of medicine, surgery, medical-surgical & radiation Oncology.

RBH houses centers of excellence which will provide compassionate medical and surgical care by using cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure with a well-integrated and comprehensive hospital information system.

RBH brings together doctors of repute, dedicated scientists and clinical researchers to collaborate the multidisciplinary investigations and foster new ideas and discoveries. RBH aims at translating scientific advances and making state of the art healthcare facilities available and accessible to the common man. RBH through its work would aim at integrating modern forms of medicine to provide the best to the community.