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Isolation Rooms

An Isolation Room is a specially constructed area in a hospital designed for housing patients with an infectious disease in order to prevent the spread of the disease in the hospital. Unlike a clean room, which is designed to isolate the outside from the patient, the isolation room is designed to isolate the patient from the rest of the world. An isolation room is designed with antiseptic principles in mind.
As many diseases can be spread by aerosol droplets, containing the air in an isolation room is of critical importance. However, the room cannot be vented either to the hospital or the outside air without filtration, although outside air may be allowed in. As such, isolation rooms are generally kept under pressure than is lower than ordinary air pressure to allow air to only enter the room(Negative pressure airconditioning). This technique is used to isolate patients with airborne contagious diseases such as tuberculosis, measles, or chickenpox.