Rayat Bahra Hospital
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Modular Operation Theatre

    It offers:
  • Seamless Wall, Ceiling and Slanted Panels.
  • Speedy Construction.
  • High Quality & Standards.
  • Rigidity.
  • Durability.
  • Vapor Permeability.
  • Freeze / Thaw Resistance.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Anti Bacterial Painting.
  • Future Expansion Ability.
    The Modular Operating Theatres or the Clean Rooms can effectively maintain:
  • desired sterilized environment with superior laminar air flow system.
  • perfect working environment for any surgeon with zero contamination.
  • 1. The room walls are formed by Stainless Sheet, Glass or Impact prefabricated panels with a coat of antibacterial paint.
  • 2. The outer shell panels can maintain a controlled internal environment suitable for various surgeries, not affected by the outer conditions.
  • 3. Central Filtration System effectively generates Laminar flow with unique air flow technology to remove infection and other contamination.

Rayat and Bahra Hospital offer the iSuite, a full range of operating room technology and medical equipment that provides surgical teams with the tools they need for success in surgery.

From ceiling mounted surgical LED lights with integrated camera, equipment booms and operating room integration systems to instruments for minimally invasive surgery, modular operation theatres are designed to help OR staff efficiently care for patients.

Integration - to form, coordinate or blend into a functioning unified whole.
Building a functional operating theatre is a complicated project requiring coordination of multiple technologies, product specifications, and user preferences. We have integrated the operating room equipment. HIS System, PACS System, and other computer systems have also been integrated to allow data storage and retrieval from the operating theatre. This provides the surgeon and staff immediate and convenient access to operating room equipment and information, and independent devices work as a complete and functional system within the hospital network. In addition, each OR has a seamless telecommunications solution to put our team in contact with anyone, anywhere in the world.